Sound Vision schooner to tour Long Island Sound Harbors Looking for HYPOXIA

Coming soon to a harbor near youIn the summer, warmer air temperatures
warm the surface layer of water.
Throughout the year, human activities
discharge large quantities of excess
nitrogen into the Sound, essentially over
fertilizing the Sound. Single celled plants,
called phytoplankton or algae, grow
rapidly when nitrogen is abundant,
creating larger and longer blooms than
would occur naturally, reducing visibility
and resulting in a loss of habitat for
submerged aquatic vegetation. As the
algae die and sink to the bottom they
begin decomposing. The decomposition
robs the oxygen from the water,
depleting the limited supply in the
bottom layer and leaving less oxygen for
marine life. The oxygen that is consumed
in the bottom layer cannot be replenished
by the more oxygenated surface waters
because of the pycnocline (density barrier
between the cooler bottom water and
the warmer surface waters)

dying algae sucks oxygen out of the water, killing all living things in it.

Below is a list of dates for the Sound Vision schooner tour. 
Details for each specific location, and information on how to reserve
 limited spots for a sail on the schooner,  will be released closer to each date at the SoundWaters Web site. 
August 1, 2011: Mamaroneck, NY
August 8, 2011: Port Jefferson, NY
August 15, 2011: Bridgeport, CT
August 24, 2011: Old Saybrook, CT
August 27, 2011: Mystic, CT
August 30, 2011: Hempstead Harbor, NY
September 6, 2011: Greenwich,
Dissolved Oxygen Saturation now hovering at 38% at 40 ft. hypoxia shows on the O2 deficit meters off Greenwich 8/8/2011

Frequency of Hypoxia

UPDATE Live Link:

Little Improvement - plenty of hypoxia to be found.







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