Turkey and Deer over-run Westchester County

From near extirpation to recovery to pestilential abundance:

Westchester Lawn Rats

Not shy



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4 Responses to Turkey and Deer over-run Westchester County

  1. Priya says:

    Years, perhaps centuries ago, neelgai or the blue cow (an antelope) was given the suffix ‘cow’ to stop the rulers of the time from hunting them to extinction. The tactic worked, and how. Today, neelgai has achieved numbers bordering on pestilence around their habitation. We need more tigers here, perhaps.

    EarthImage, I received the calendar today. Thank you very much for this completely unexpected surprise. We, my husband and I, are expecting our first child in June. I am trying to curb my spending to save for the future, and tend to go overboard with the decision — hence the choice to not purchase the calendar. I suppose it was my destiny to enjoy it (I enjoy looking at the pictures you and the others have taken), so I’ve got it. Many thanks again. My 2012 be a more beautiful year for you and yours.

    • EarthImage says:

      In my boyhood central Pennsylvania (Penn’s woods from the Quaker founder Wm Penn) the start of deer hunting season was practically a school holiday. But the hunting culture and concept of scientific herd management is lost these days to political correctness. The deer population re-bounded naturally with the re-growth of the eastern forests, which were almost fully harvested for fuel at the beginning of the industrial age. However, the turkey needed an artifical re-introduction. It has been wildly successful.

      With the resurgence of the prey comes the predator. Thus the “extinct” eastern mountain lion, or cougar, has been sighted at 46 locations in Connecticut, with denials by the “authorities.” http://www.fws.gov/northeast/ECougar/

  2. Oddly EI, I have seen very FEW deer and turkey so far this winter. And I live in an area where thy come out in droves.

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