Excuse me! Did you drop something???

Fecal contamination of the rivers and brooks in Greenwich CT must be addressed and minimized.  2012 will go down as the year we had to clean up our mess.  Federal EPA and the Courts have imposed a deadline of Jan 2013 to implement a daily pollution limit on the waters of the Byram River and Greenwich Harbors for TMDL – total maximum daily loading of fecal coliform (bacteria from the colon.)

The NY Court Decision (Index 16132/10 from a Westchester County Clerk filing on Jan 10, 2012) found that NY DEC, which administers the same MS4 programs on the west side of the Byram River, failed its “agency” from EPA in four ways:

1. Failed to reduce discharge of pollutants tot he maximum practical extent.

2. Failed to ensure compliance with water quality standards of the Clean Water Act.

3. Failed to conduct monitoring of storm water discharges.

4. Violated requirements for public participation in the process.

At Board of Selectmen Meeting on Dec 1, 2011 David Theis asked Public Works:  “Where does all this bacteria come from?”  Answer given: “Dogs.”  The amount formally reported by the Town to EPA’s MS4 Storm Water monitoring program, from the Town’s website:

Poop sheet results - that's official

If you are asking if this is high, consider a beach is closed in Vermont with 77.  An average of 126 is needed in CT.   So yes, that’s a lot of poop.

We’ll take up the issue of whether it’s geese, gulls, horses, failing septic systems, or cross-connections and spillages between the storm and sanitary piping networks later this week.

But Sound Beacher weighs in with a photo essay, from where else, the beach:

Okay, We provide the doggy bags and give you the world's greatest dog park

And we give you reminders to pick up after your dogs (or ferrets or whatever)

But People - The idea is to send the bag to the Burn Plant in Bridgeport. So put the bag in the trash can, Pleeazze!

And this is really, really gross:

$100 fine for this.. Bad doggy? No. The owner brings the dog to the park.

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2 Responses to Excuse me! Did you drop something???

  1. As someone who lives on the beach half the year, I can totally relate to the problem of dog poop and how many people feel cleaning up after their pet is not something they want to do. Many pray the waves will wash the poop out to sea, as if that eliminates, pardon the pun, the problem!
    Our house is on the road that leads to the beach and walkers let their dogs use our field to relieve themselves, only a few carry bags to pick up. It’s such a nuisance. Hubby often goes out to glare or insist they come back and pick up the mess, but it mostly goes to deaf ears, as if to say, crazy man, leave us alone.
    Thanks to you and Sound Beacher for bringing this issue to light. I’,m glad I had my breakfast BEFORE seeing photo three.

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