Byram River Sewer Siphon repaired – with big increase in flooding hazard

How to you get sewage to go under a river?

Option 1 – dig it deep, with a wide berth for the floodway.

Option 2 – keep it shallow but bury it in a big load of stone placed in the floodway area.

Which is the legal option?  Obviously #1.   What did the Town choose to do, even though a sewage lift station was less than 500 feet downstream?  Obviously #2.

Sewer Siphon box on east bank of the Byram River 450 ft North of Den Lane.

Would this tend to de-stabilize the opposite bank, where home-owners own to the center of the river.  You betcha!

Say goodbye to land along Caroline Place - It won't be around for long.


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