Cos Cob Power Plant Park takes shape -But where’s the erosion and sedimentation control?

Site conversion of the coal-fired railroad power plant to a Town of Greenwich CT Park with playfields and shoreline walk amenities was back before Planning and Zoning on Tuesday March 21, 2012 for review.

The Commission asked the Town’s Engineer to explain the protection offered for erosion and pollution impacting the harbor and neighboring properties.  The Engineer assured the Commissioners and the Town that all was proceeding according to the approved plan with adequate protection.

How many Best Management Practices for the prevention of erosion and stormwater pollution can you spot in today’s photos of the developing park?  The rules for a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) change and become more rigorous when more than one acre of land is disturbed with soil exposed to the erosive effects of wind, rain and tides.  How much unprotected land to you see in photos taken the day after the hearing?  (Click any photo to zoom in.)

The Wetlands Agency will offer a Town Hall seminar on this subject March 29th.  Should DPW attend?  Our prior posting and site plan document on this subject is here.

Overview of the Park?

Lots of bars on the cell phones here

Dust devils on a calm day?

Erosion control laws strictly limit the total area of exposed disturbed soul at any given time in the project. What happened here? Where is the erosion control? What if we have a big spring storm?

Update 3/23/2012- the inside dirty story