Romeo, the amorous 400 lb. alligator, killed in 3am meeting with lady driver and baby

Romeo, the Alligator, on a happier day.

One of Largo, Florida’s most beguiling batchelors, Romeo the Alligator, died in a gunfight the other night.  While attempting to cross the highway between the Taylor Park and Pine Crest Gold Course, a lady driver with an infant in the car (at 2:45 am?) rolled over and onto Romeo, leaving her wheels spinning in the air.

Romeo enjoys sunbathing by day and night-time adventure at the golf course.

Romeo’s normal venue for romance was pictured at

Very ironically, the Earth Ocean Sky Redux Engagement Calendar for this very week of Romeo’s death in 2102 features the linked photo by Earth Image of Romeo’s home ground.


According to the Tampa Bay Times:

Largo Fire Rescue officials say they’ve gotten calls before to move alligators from nearby Taylor Lake — but never for one this big.

“We thought it was 3 to 5 feet,” said firefighter Doug Dalton, who was in charge of the scene. “But this thing was huge. It was like, ‘Okay, everybody better take a step back.’ “

The incident took place around 2:45 a.m. A woman was driving east near the 1100 block of Eighth Avenue with her infant daughter when she saw something dart into the road ahead of her. The driver, who was not identified by police, rolled over the obstruction — and got stuck.

Then the woman got out and saw what she had run over. The gator’s snout could be seen under the passenger side. It was completely trapped beneath the car.

“There was no way of getting him out without lifting the car,” Dalton said. They called in trappers who wrapped the gator’s snout closed and roped its neck. It took two hours to free it, and three trappers to lift it up.

“It wasn’t fighting at first,” Dalton said. “But when we got it out, that’s when it started.”


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